At PWM, providing our customers with excellence in everything we do is part of the vision we live and breathe every day. From creating new product innovations in-house, to delivering unmatched customer support after installment - quality and innovation are our top priorities here.

We strive to supply our customers with products that are nearly maintenance-free, extremely durable and easy to handle. To achieve this, we have repeatedly developed new technologies, solving problems in the area of communication, temperature regulation, brightness control and more.

As one of the few providers of gas station price signs on the market, we fully develop all our technologies and products ourselves and also manufacture them under our own observation. We thoroughly test all our products. For example, we put our products under water. Why? Because this enables us to guarantee that our sign modules are wind and water-resistant. All our products can withstand any climate zone, whether it's the hot desert in Nevada or a cold winter in Montana. Our certification under DIN EN 1090 serves as another reassurance for our customers and as a benchmark for our suppliers.