Price Sign Digits

SMD / LED Price Sign Digits

With cutting-edge SMD LED tech, our signs are hard to ignore. Result? More traffic. Used in high-performance industries like automotive, aero and more, SMD offers unsurpassed performance. Slimmer design, increased visibility, energy-efficient and more resilient than traditional LED lighting, SMD is leading the industry. And with PWM's patent pending retro-fit solution, the best of the best has never been more affordable.

  • Unsurpassed light quality
  • Increased viewing angle
  • Remarkably resilient
  • extremely flat
  • Significant energy savings
  • IP 67 water-proofed

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ePaper Price Sign Digits

  • Reflecting display similar to the one you know from your Kindle.
  • Flat design, light-weight, easy to install.
  • Digits stay visible even without consistent energy consumption.
  • Very good readability in bright light without energy consumption and in low light circumstances via external light sources.
  • High viewing angle.
  • Custom digit design possible.

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EBM Segment

Engineered and manufactured to withstand the fiercest conditions, PWM's segment sings have been known to last decades without any service calls.

  • Great solution for communities where use of LEDs are restricted
  • Available in rounded and flat digits
  • Sealed to protect the sign from moisture, dust and insects
  • All PWM signs integrate into your POS system

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Scrolling Roller-Blind

  • Fully customized fonts and colors
  • Crisp, clean presentation of fuel prices
  • Modular design for quick and easy access
  • Digits heights from 6.69-23.62 inches
  • Long lifespan

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