PWM Introduces an Easy First Step for Price Display Digitalization 

Log In to the Future with ‘EASY Hybrid’

EASY Hybrid is the cloud version of EASY enabling online control via a web interface from a distance, saving money and reducing downtime. 

Houston, Texas – September 18, 2019 – Innovation is the main driver for the success of PWM, a world market leader in electronic price signs for fuel stations. Today PWM introduces EASY Hybrid which exchanges the current controls with a cloud version enabling online control via a web interface from a distance. Hybrid features a feedback channel gathering status information and maintenance data, saving money and reducing downtimes essentially.

The earlier version of EASY is an intelligent remote control for price displays integrated into the POS via a wired or radio control unit, becoming a standard for fuel stations. As the future becomes more flexible and interconnected, EASY goes further digital and links to the Internet.

Fuel stations that don’t want to make the change to full digitalization of their display systems just yet, can upgrade to EASY Hybrid with little effort and at low costs. As known from PWM’s Retrofit concept that enables fuel stations to modernize their display systems without investing in an all new set up, the Hybrid upgrade is fast and causes no downtime. No access to the displays itself is necessary, the entire process happens right at the POS by exchanging the current Control Unit with the new Control Gate that connects straight to the Internet.

See what EASY Hybrid can do for you on October 2-4th at Booth #4252 at the NACS in Atlanta – and also meet the PWM portfolio of display technology and price signs.

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Houston, TX—October 8, 2018 - PWM, the global leader in electronic price signs and profit boards® for convenience stores, is proud to announce its newly redesigned 32” - 120” High Rise Digits. There’s no better way to make your price sign visible to customers, than to go BIG! PWM’s premium 32” - 120” digits are not only giants in size, but also in visibility and durability. These extra large digits are easy to install, energy-saving and waterproof. PWM uses only the highest quality, most advanced SMD digits for its customers.

PWM's New High Rise Digits at a Glance:

  • Redesigned with unsurpassed light quality
  • Increased viewing angle
  • Extremely flat design
  • Significant energy savings
  • Flexible system easy to retrofit
  • IP 65 water-proofed
  • Low reflection surface
  • Great visibility from a far distance
  • Cost savings due to quick and easy installation
  • 32" - 120" sizes available

Quality and innovation are PWM’s top priority. They want to supply customers with products that are almost maintenance-free, extremely durable and easy to handle. PWM backs all products with the industry's best warranties, covering parts and all labor, as well as unmatched customer service, providing 24-hour support, 7 days a week. 

Discover the PWM difference. To learn more, visit , call 888-898-6613 or email today.


Houston, TX—September 18, 2018 - PWM, the global leader in electronic price signs and profit boards® for convenience stores, is proud to announce its newest product, the S-Package. PWM’s new S-Package provides high flexibility, heat resistance and water proofing combined. The S-Package includes a protected controller board and at least one protected power supply. Due to IP67 compliance, an extra box is not necessary, making heat accumulation a thing of the past. PWM relies on state of the art power supply units that guarantee functionality, even under demanding circumstances.

PWM S-Package at a Glance:

  • IP67 power supply
  • Flexible mounting
  • No heat accumulation
  • Less space and less weight required
  • Compliant with international standards and approvals

PWM is the market leader for electronic price signs and can already look back upon more than 40 years of industry-specific know-how in over 65 countries. From research and development to design, production, installation, maintenance and retrofitting - these systems are perfectly coordinated with a quality which can rightly be called “Made in Germany.” 

New Price Sign Technology Lets Signs Fix Themselves

PWM introduces new ‘TRACK’ System

Houston, TX — October 4th, 2017 — The fuel industry is no stranger to adopting state-of-the-art technology. Gas station owners have been using cloud-based software to run in-store and back-office operations for years. And the Internet of Things (IoT) has earned an important place in the oil & gas industry from exploration and production activities all the way to fuel delivery. Now, the pairing of cloud and IoT solutions has also penetrated the price sign industry. By meshing modern SMD-LED-based signage with embedded, cloud-connected sensors, PWM’s newest TRACK System now supports critical two-way communication between station owners and their price signs.

Smart Connectivity Allows Complete Control

“With this new technology we can not only control and update signs remotely,” says PWM President & CEO Wolfgang Manz, “the signs will also be able to communicate with us.” Here is how it works: The sign itself schedules routine and preventive maintenance as needed, alerting the operator that it is time to check the sign. The smart tracking system is also able to notify owners and operators of technical issues before the sign reaches a point where it is unable to function. Technicians can access the sign remotely and understand what needs to be fixed before they make a service call. This insight into what’s wrong allows for fast, efficient, and cost-effective sign maintenance with a minimum of sign outage.

It is our goal to not only reduce the service support trips but also that spare parts will be sent automatically. The technician or the contractor will already have the right spare parts in his truck because TRACK can tell him beforehand what will be needed. That way the sign can be fixed during the first visit.” says Manz. Less downtime for price signs saves money, reduces frustration, and helps keep a steady stream of customers visiting the station.

A little about the technology

·       The sign display contains smart tech, and configuration can be controlled down to the level of the individual SMD LEDs through a convenient web based portal inside the gas station. The connection between the sign and the station can be made via radio signal or cable. The system allows reception and control of data via intranet or internet, and users can be set up in the system with varying levels of access control based on their roles and responsibilities.

·       Despite the advanced and complex technology involved, installing the sign and training new users on the software is surprisingly quick and simple. To see a German installation in action, go here.

TRACK Tech Already Global

PWM brought this well-tested TRACK technology to its U.S. and German customer base first, and signs have been installed successfully in both countries. With the trend toward greater automation and the need for centralized control over multiple gas station locations, this system is likely to become a popular alternative to traditional digital signs.


PWM President/CEO Wolfgang Manz named Chairman of the Wrangler Committee for the Texas Food and Fuel Association

Houston, TX – July 1, 2017 -- We are pleased to announce the election of Wolfgang Manz, President & CEO of PWM-USA, to the position of 1st Chairman of the Texas Food & Fuel Association’s Wrangler Committee.  With the honors, Manz also becomes a Board Member of the TFFA.   



The Wranglers Committee is one of eight TFFA committees, providing opportunities for camaraderie and networking for suppliers and wholesale grocery members.

The committee chairman will lead fundraising, recruitment and member retention.

Funds raised by The Wranglers are used to support the Association’s scholarship foundation.  Since 2000, $40,000 has been awarded to a dependent child of a supplier or wholesale grocery member, or one of their employees. 

PWM is proud to be a part of the TFFA and contribute to the Association’s causes and endeavors.


210 Years of Excellence and Performance

PWM Electronic Price Sign celebrates it’s anniversary.

Houston, TX - 3/20/2017 - 2017 marks the 210th anniversary for PWM, the global leader in electronic price signs for convenience stores, as well as 17 years of unmatched quality and service in the USA. The Houston, TX based company celebrates its rich heritage and ability to consistently drive innovation in the market with a brand new web presence.

“We’re extremely proud of the level of leadership our team has been able to bring to the convenience store industry.” says Wolfgang Manz, President and CEO at PWM. “We understand that by investing in our products, our customers have chosen to invest in us. So it is our mission to consistently deliver industry leading, high quality products paired with unmatched customer service - yesterday, today and in the future.”

The company’s new website showcases its cutting edge price sign solutions as well as company history, featuring real world case studies and customer stories.

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