Wolfgang Manz

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

From Wolfgang Manz, President/CEO, PWM Electronic Price Signs





To Our Customers, 

PWM Electronic Price Signs is Stocked and Ready for Your Business. 

During these uncertain and challenging times, it is important that we all work together to make the best of a trying situation. As people around the world are struggling with how to stay safe while maintaining their daily needs, we are banding together to determine how best to respond. 

We understand you are being inundated with daily changes revolving around the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, both personally and professionally. Given the fluid nature of the pandemic, we understand it creates uncertainty about the business operations of your suppliers. We are taking steps as a business to communicate our current operations status. 

Our team at PWM Electronic Price Signs will be doing everything we can to provide the best and most up-to-date coverage possible. We are taking, producing, and shipping your orders. We’re here to help you and we appreciate our partnership. 

Even as we deal with this pandemic, our team is focused on your success. We continue to receive product from Germany and are ready to assemble, ship and install. Our warehouse is full and ready to process your orders. 

We are all hopeful that the current climate is resolved quickly and understand that there are tremendous personal and business concerns to contend with as we navigate this together. 

In the meantime, please communicate any changes, questions, or potential needs through our customer service team. You can reach us at 888.898.6613 or via email at smd@pwm.com. 

Even as we are forced to keep physical distance, we can keep bringing people together, sharing and learning from one another. Let’s stay connected. 



Wolfgang Manz

President & CEO

PWM Electronic Price Signs



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