5 Ways to Save Money on Electronic Signs for Your Gas Station

Running a gas station isn’t possible without price signs. But spending money to make money can still hurt. Fortunately, a well-made electronic sign is an asset that keeps on bringing in revenue long after the purchase. Here are some of the ways PWM has found to help gas station owners save money up front and over the long haul.

#1 Refurbish Your Sign Quickly

If you already have an electronic sign in place but it’s old, broken, or prone to problems, a retrofit may be the cheapest way to upgrade. Our patent-pending “digit only” RetroQuick solution gives customers the same great LED tech as our complete price signs at a lower cost. The installation is easy, we can work with your existing face color, and the signage will be looking like new before you know it.

#2 Get a Facelift for Your Tech

Similar to the digit-only retrofit, a front-of-sign box lets you simply overlay our technology over your existing signage. We don’t even need to open your sign to do the installation. From the road, no one can tell the difference. All they see are those bright gas prices beckoning them to visit your location to fill up the tank and the snack bag.

#3 Enjoy Uninterrupted Power

Maybe what’s really making your current sign a money pit is that it keeps losing power. Every hour that it’s down means more missed revenue opportunities. Our IP67-compliant power supply keeps your electronic signage operational even in challenging environmental conditions. No overheating, no damage from rain or dust, only steady operation 24/7. Our signs are also energy efficient to reduce the cost of operation.

#4 Automate Your Sign’s Service

Every sign needs maintenance. But not every sign can be remotely monitored to accelerate the speed of service and head off costly repairs. With PWM’s smart maintenance technology, the sign can send data back to our team and let us know when it’s time for everything from preventive service to repairs. We will even know exactly what components to load on the truck to eliminate the need for extra trips.

#5 Get Signage That Lasts

At PWM, we offer competitive pricing for our signage. But we never compromise on quality. Our goal is to gain lifelong customers who keep buying signs because they are opening new locations and upgrading existing stations—not because our signs are wearing out. Making an investment up front in signage that is worry-free, highly visible, and resilient means our customers have a lower total cost of ownership.

To learn more about our electronic signage and which upgrade option makes sense for your business, contact our team today.